High quality industry leading solutions that are cost effective. Improve your driver and passenger experience with flooring, seating, glass, windows, and safety products. All GUARD products are Made In The U.S.A.

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ThermoGUARD Glass

Specially manufactured glass that promotes cabin comfort by rejecting hot and cold energy on both sides of the glass.

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Fire Suppression

Utilizing the unique fire agent Purple K, we offer systems for fixed route, para-transit, and school bus needs.



Used to prevent hard water spots on windshields, mirrors, and new glass purchases. 


Kiel Seats

We are proud to partner with Kiel seats for the North American market. Kiel seats come for all applications: fixed route, para-transit, coach, and ADA special seating.



Our team will replace damaged hidden-frame glass for all transit and rail vehicles.

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Gerflor Flooring

Gerflor is designed to meet the specifications of the transit industry. Available for para transit, fixed route, and MCI/Coach applications.